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Technical Sales-Northwest (TSNW) specializes in high-performance products and support services to critical infrastructure and industrial markets throughout the Pacific Northwest and Pacific Islands including electrical energy generation - transmission - distribution, transportation and traffic, and, resource extraction and mining industries.

Electric utility specific product/service providers represented include:

ComNet - Precision-engineered next generation Analog and Digital fiber optic transmission and Ethernet networking products designed for severe environements and mission critical power utility applications.

EA Technology - Partial Discharge detection and monitoring, on-site ground and aerial apparatus survey, and assessment services.

GE Digital Energy - Intelligent devices that protect, monitor, control and automate critical electrical processes and infrastructure, and visualization software that helps optimize the grid.

GE Leakwise - Oil sheen/oil spill detection and alarm systems.

JH Technology - Signal Conditioners, Industrial Process Transmitters, Isolators and Alarm Modules for Monitoring and Control Applications.

Monaghan Engineering - Sequence of Events monitor and time clock/time synchronization module.

Phenix Technologies - High Voltage and High current test set meters and systems.

TreeTech - Transformer monitoring and control and alarm solutions.

Ultra Electronics - Highly modular, communications products that enhance and extend the functionality of popular PLC and Fieldbus networks.

Vanguard Instruments - High performance portable test equipment for electrical apparatus testing.


We look forward to assisting you with the best selection of products and services to maintain high performance standards in your electric utility operations.

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WSU Western Protective Relay Conference
October 18-20 in Spokane, WA

December 13-15 in Orlando, FL

January 31 - February 2, 2017 in San Diego, CA

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